The Urban Challenge provides the ultimate real-world experience to over 7,000 school students every year.

Small teams, each with a teacher and an Urban Challenge guide, embark on a fast-paced unfolding adventure through Sydney and its surrounds. Teams must complete urban-flavoured activities, clue chases, meal preparation, go-discover challenges and much more along the way.

Each team member has a functional role that contributes to the running of the team (such as Photographer, Navigator, or Team Leader). Participants must work together to take actual responsibility for their own money, transport, timings and meals.

Parts of our Challenge are run via our interactive website where teams are required to upload blogs and photos and check-in for their next day’s itinerary and activities. In addition to this we have a Program Page for those at home wanting to keep track of what the teams are up to, allowing parents and caregivers the chance to participate from home or check out the daily blogs and photos as they are uploaded.

On multi day Challenges, our teams will stay in YHA youth hostels and other city group accommodation overnight enabling participants to experience this style of accommodation in a supervised and structured way. 

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The Program Itself

Unique, exciting and innovative. We have a vast range of options to include in any Urban Challenge, enabling each program to be unique and dynamic to reach any wants or outcomes needed. 

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The Program Itself

We offer an array of day modules that can take teams through the city, to Manly and Bondi, Collaroy and Sydney Olympic Park and beyond. These modules will incoporate the whole day and often lead into the evening meal and night-time activities.

We also have a choice of urban-flavoured activities to include such as surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, dragon boating, urban dance and laser skirmishes. These activities are tied into our daily modules allowing students a break in the challenges, time to bond as a team or to even earn bonus points to help them with their final score.

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Teamwork and the Students

Our Challenge is student-focussed. The Challenge aims to and succeeds in, fostering independence, teamwork and social-awareness - all attributes crucial to an adolescent’s preparation for adulthood.

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Teamwork & the Students

Our programs have been specifically designed to immerse participants in the real world. Teams take responsibility for their timings, transport, money, meals and much more, in which they must work together to make decisions that will define their experience.

Each team member has a particular role to play during the Challenge and must execute it to the best of their ability for the benefit of the team. Roles include Treasurer, Caterer, Navigator, Welfare Officer and Photographer, for example. These roles allow the strengths of each individual the chance to contribute something meaningful to the experience and test the diversity of each person and how we can all contribute to something greater than ourselves.

We at The Urban Challenge believe in preparing adolescents for the real world they are soon to enter. We believe experiential learning, coupled with actual responsibility and actual consequence (think running late and missing the train) and a dose of good, clean fun is the most beneficial way to achieve this. 

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Nuts and Bolts

Each Team is issued with all equipment needed at the beginning of the program. Safety is at the forefront of our programs, allowing our participants to succeed and grow in a safe environment. 

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Nuts & Bolts

Participants are provided with all they need at the start of the program. All they are required to bring along is a change of clothes, personal items and a fun attitude! No need for cumbersome bags and gear to hold you down in the urban landscape! Team gear such as Opal cards for the unlimited use of trains, ferries and buses; ID lanyards, team iPad and smart phone, camera, monies and maps are divided amoung the team to ensure they have all they need to succeed.

We hold a comprehensive Safety Management Plan, use accredited providers for our activities, and have working procedures and contingencies set in place. Our trained staff come from a variety of backgrounds bringing a vast wealth of knowledge on the city and working with youth to achieve goals in a fun, safe environment. All staff hold a minimum of Senior First Aid Certificate and have a Working With Children Check.

Our interactive website has a strong influence in the program and once logged into the private section, teams and parents at home alike are able to respond to challenges, keep track of the teams and download information to help with the day ahead.