In-School Challenge

The in-school challenge is designed to recreate all the fun and excitement experienced on an Urban Challenge program, within the walls of your school! There are teams, costumes, point-scoring challenges, a trail of clues and bonus tasks sent by The Game Master… with the only difference being that teams never leave the school grounds. They will be required to sing and dance and interact with various people to progress through the challenge, but these people will not be strangers in Circular Quay, instead they might be teachers in disguise, the school librarian or canteen workers.

We need about 3hrs in your school prior to the day to plan and prepare the locations we’ll use for the challenge. We also provide the option of hosting activities at the end of the challenge such as our Silent Disco or a Hip Hop dance lesson.

Suitable to be run as an end of term/year celebration, a replacement fun day for year groups who may have missed out on excursions, and a single-day alternative for students who missed out on camp.

Team equipment, activity equipment, an Urban Challenge guide per two-teams and a Program Coordinator are included in the fee for the day. Lunch can be provided as a Food Truck provided lunch, or a break can be built into the sequence if you wish for students to provide their own.