Bondi Bliss

Bondi Bliss is an adventure that takes you to Sydney’s most famous beach - Bondi! Immersing yourselves in the true culture of Bondi, teams will swim at the iconic Icebergs beach pool, participate in a spot of yoga or Tai Chi, embark on a hipster-themed scavenger hunt and track down a healthy lunch from one of the many Poke bowl, salad or seafood restaurants! Your team might also like to try and track down the ‘Bondi Lifeguards’ or ‘Bondi Ink’ local celebrities for a team photo! Other sites to see include the Graffiti Wall featuring some local art talent and the various recycled fashion/op shops on Hall Street.

Points are earnt according to each team’s ability capture the Bondi essence through photos, videos and choreography. You might want to consider remaking a scene from Bondi Hipsters, or write your own rendition of the viral ‘Active Wear’ video. Bonus challenges can be requested via text message at any time along the journey. The Game Master has an endless supply of challenges up their sleeve. Bonus points will be awarded to any team who successfully uncovers the identity of the Game Master before the day's end. They will be awaiting the teams at the finish line.

Your team may wish to consider a celebratory dinner at Spice Alley or in China Town to finish the day.

Unlimited use of public transport, lunch, an Urban Challenge guide and team equipment is all included in the day.