What is it?

The Family Challenge is our newest experience! A one day challenge that will test each member of the family - no matter their age!

The Family Challenge gives the opportunity for mum and dad (or other family members) to share in the experience of an Urban Challenge for themselves, and not just from home watching while their son or daughter have all the fun with their school friends!

What's involved?

An all-inclusive day (10am to 7pm) starting and finishing in Milsons Point, that will see teams explore Sydney, solve challenges and work together to unlock the codes to access the final prize! Lunch, dinner and all transport (whilst on the Challenge) is provided for each participant. We also provide each team with their arsenal of gear to make their Challenge a success (phones, iPads, cameras, money and much more!). Each team member is given a special job role to contribute to the Challenge's success - and mum and dad, you may not necessarily be in charge this time!

How can I be a part of it?

You can create your own team with family and friend groups, or register as a pair into a mixed team. Either way, you will be given the reward of strengthening your relationships and learning new things about each other.

Our Family Challenges are run on only two Sundays a year, so places are limited, to register your team:

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